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Contemporary Moment Coffee Table

Japanese designer Shinobu Koizumi of Shinobu Koizumi Design Office has designed the Moment coffee table. A graduate of Design and Fine Art of the prestigious Tokyo Zokei University, he shows off his artistic flair with this contemporary interior design product.

The contemporary coffee table is made of sand in an hourglass shape fixed in the ambiance without a case. Time stops while taking a short breath to drink some coffee. “I want to stop time, even if it is impossible. Escape from busy works while drinking a cup of coffee, at least. I tried to make the coffee table formed into sands in hourglass. Hourglass is a symbol of passage of time. I think that if falling sands could be stopped, time would also stop,” said Koizumi.

Though this hourglass has no glass case, sand is not scattered and keeps its form as if time had stopped. It looks strange, and incredible. In fact, the sand is formed into the content of the hourglass by epoxy resin. A prop is a slender clear acrylic rod to express falling sands. On top of the hourglass there is a wood plate within the sand, so it can be used as a table.

The most important factor for the designer was “what people experience” by design, rather than processing shapes and colours. The designer proposes new experiences by form of spaces, furniture, and products.

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Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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