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Contemporary Maximum Garden House, Singapore


Designed by Singapore-based Formwerkz Architects, Maximum House is a unique contemporary house in Singapore. The private home was designed for a young Singaporean family.

One questions the sense of ‘landed-ness’ in a typically maxed-out envelope of a semi-detached typology. What is usually left over after the building footprint is no more than a slender planting strip on the ground. One of the main objectives of this house was to seek out more garden spaces and surfaces in an attempt to redress this imbalance while fulfilling the client’s brief.

The vertical wall planting set within a niche along the front boundary wall and the shrubbery on the car-porch roof, reclaim surfaces otherwise normally neglected as canvasses for beautification.

Enclosing part of the building façade on the upper floor is a layer of planting system that the architects devised to behave more like a curtain wall. Its primary function is to perform as a privacy screen and to keep the rain out. The curtain of plants coincides building performance with man’s affinity for nature.


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Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

August 14, 2011 | Property | View comments

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