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If reading brochures isn’t enough, why not read some real life reviews from gorgeous holiday destinations? Read through first hand advice and experience from some amazing luxury destinations, including The Seychelles, San Francisco and Canada, as well as looking at stunning photography from real destinations. Be inspired to embark on your own adventure around the world, as you hear about the exciting travels written about here.

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Hotel review: The Parker, Palm Springs, California


It’s the opposite of minimalist – it’s maximalist, if there were such a thing. Think colourful, irreverent, eclectic, sometimes kitsch and always interesting. Mid-century modern fused with pop culture and quirky decorative pieces. Serge Mouille-style light fittings to Peruvian wall hangings and loos guarded by knights’ suits of shining armour. Think style, craft and joy. […]

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April 16, 2014 | California North America Palm Springs Travel Travel Reviews US | View comments

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